Homestead planning & a closing date

We finally have a closing date for the Oregon house my sister is buying for us to live in. January 31st! We’re house swapping. My sister and her family in our rental in California while we live in their house in Oregon. Just until we find a house and they’re ready to make the big move.

The house is amazing! An acre of fenced land with lots for the kids to do. The house is a good size. It does have some flaws and it isn’t “nice” by California standards, but it has everything any of us want or need.

So it looks like we should be living in Oregon by my birthday in mid-February! Since we were previously RVing full time, we originally thought we’d be moving back into it. I’m a little sad we aren’t because I had plans to make it homey and to enjoy our time in it before we bought a house. But this plan makes sense for everyone involved.

Since we’re in major move planning mode, but without much to do (over a month until closing) I’ve just been packing a little, declutterring a little, and daydreaming a lot. There’s a chicken coop and a fenced garden. Two things we haven’t had in a long time! So I’m excited to get some chickens and live my mini homestead life.

For Christmas, my mother in law gifted me a book on backyard homesteading as well as a book of herbal remedies. So I’ve just been slowly reading through and browsing the homestead book. Planning away what we’ll do, grow, and enjoy once we’re in the house just in time to start planning a spring garden.

The goal is to really enjoy it which means not overdoing it. Ha. I tend to plan big, overwhelm myself, then give up. So a few easy plants like tomato, zucchini, etc. that I’ve done before will be great. It’s been over five years since I had a successful veggie garden, so I want to start slow and learn everything again.

I’m truly so excited to teach the kids about gardening, spend time working in the garden with them (or while they simply play in the yard), and teach them about different food, how it grows, etc. I think it would be fun to let them each pick out a type of vegetable to grow so they can feel involved. I also hope that it will help them be a little more adventurous with their eating. Since we’ve been doing RV life full time about half of the last 3-4 years, we’ve slipped on being really good about healthy, nutritious food and have leaned on easy, convenient food more than I’d like.

So now we pack and plan! Even though it’s a little more than a month away, we have a 4 night trip planned and a couple of cousin birthdays in between. Along with helping my sister downsize her 3,300 sq ft house, help my mom (who actually owns the house) go through her stuff and figure out where to put it, and try to declutter all of our stuff as well (which lives in the one car garage of the house my sister lives in). We are pretty minimal already (for a family of five) but I’d still like to go through it and get rid of stuff we’ve packed away and discovered we don’t need.

Here goes! I’m anxious to get there, but also trying to savor these last few days of living at my in laws and watching the kids spend so much precious time with grandma.

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