The one where I quit social media

I’m not original. I literally just read (ok skimmed) a post by a blogger who says she quit social media. Like actually quit, not just took a break. Some of the things she wrote kind of hit me right in the gut.

And while I’m not exactly sure what I’m doing right now, I do know that I’m taking a step back. I know that in taking breaks from social media in the past I’ve been able to learn that it does take a toll on me, it takes up way too much of my time, my mental space and I spend more time telling my kids the “hold on for one second!” while I finish up reading a post I won’t remember in 3 minutes than looking into their beautiful faces.

That’s it right there. How many times a day do those innocent little eyes look at me wanting nothing more than my eyes to be focused right back at them, but were presented with the back of my phone? Too many times to count, literally. Heart crushing reality, isn’t it?

So here I am trying to quit. It sounds so dramatic. “I’m quitting social media.” Blah blah. I’m a millennial, my life is so hard. But really there are plenty of studies out there that show that we’re happy without it. Happier without it. And while I know that, I just keep crawling back.

But a break is better than continuing on this road of consuming so. much. damn. information. And 99% of it? I don’t even care about or believe. But it’s there so I read it.

Just the sheer amount of information I’m taking in on a daily basis as I mindlessly scroll through Facebook or Instagram is no wonder I’m irritated, anxious and on edge half the time. It’s time to give my brain a break from shit that doesn’t matter.

So here I am, quitting social media. Again. Forever? Probably not. And as much as I wanted to say “YES!!!” I just couldn’t commit and typed probably not because I was afraid to say yes. Pathetic.

But for now I quit.

Ok, but what IS social media exactly? Instagram and Facebook, yes. Goodbye.

YouTube? I earn part of my income and run my YouTube Channel as part of my business, so that’s here to stay. And my personal channel? Memories that I wouldn’t have if I didn’t post those videos. So right now? I’m keeping YouTube. But I’m limiting how much I consume and focusing on creating.

Blogging? That’s still social media right? But it’s so much easier to focus on creating rather than consuming when it comes to blogging because I just jump in and start writing. I don’t have to sign into an account or an app where I’m bombarded by posts and videos enticing me.

So blogging and YouTube stay. Facebook and Instagram I’m ditching.

I feel so stupid thinking that I need a strategy before I disappear. Last time I disappeared people wondered what happened to me. A few tracked me down. A few assumed something was wrong. I don’t want to worry people. But a “I’m quitting” post seems so… dramatic. Vain even?

So for now you can catch me here. You can probably catch me on YouTube now and again too. And you can contact me directly. Bam. I guess I just quit social media…?

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One comment on “The one where I quit social media

  1. Hello,

    This spoke to me in some many ways. I know this is a sign from God to do better for his ministry, my husband and two children. Social media has gotten in the way of facing some real truths in my life and I think it’s time to leave it where it’s at. I follow you on IG by the way and your the realest. Thank you being so transparent.

    Stay blessed!

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