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garden-fresh-tomatoes-bell-pepper iced-coffee-mason-jar venice-hydrocephalus-yorkie-puppyMy goodness. You know those days where you’re chugging away and you’re getting things done and feeling amazing? I had a few days like that this week! But then I had a few of those days where you’re always doing something, but you don’t feel like you’re getting ANYTHING done. How frustrating is that? I’m currently in “get out of the funk” mode and what better way than to knock out a blog post? Done and done. And more coffee time.

I feel like I’ve hardly checked in lately and looking back at my editorial calendar, it’s true! Time to carve out some time in my schedule every single week to make sure my blog doesn’t get neglected.

Septic tanks. What? Yeah, let’s talk about septic tanks for a second because it took over the last week of my life! When we bought our house 3 years ago (where has the time gone?!) we knew it had a reputation for septic problems. Three years later we had replaced the pump twice (not cheap!) and a few weeks ago it went out again. Septic pumps are supposed to last 10-15 years! We called in some experts who pumped our tank, took a look and long story short our septic tank set up is weird, not efficient and one they had never seen set up that way. We lived for one whole week doing everything we could to not let water down the drain so we didn’t have to pay to get it pumped a second time so they could do the work once the parts came in. This meant having a bowl in every sink to catch the water we were using, flushing much less, and 3 minute showers. But now our septic tank is fixed, we should be good for a long time and I managed to get through all of that without one poop joke.

Kintage. After months of thinking, I decided to bring Kintage back as a small scale, instagram only shop. I truly missed getting to pick out items for the shop and interacting with amazing customers, but I didn’t miss the pressure and expense of maintaining an online store. Making sure we had enough inventory, spending hours each day maintaining the store itself, etc. was exhausting and put so much pressure on me to make sales! Now I get to hang out on Instagram with my little shop, post pictures of pretty things and send orders out to the best customers ever. Come follow me at @kintage on instagram!

Venice. My little pup is SO big now! I plan on doing a real foster update next week, but wanted to pop in and say she’s such a REAL puppy. It’s such a weird thing to say, but having those puppies from 5 days old and then flash foward to Venice actually playing and walking around and acting like a real puppy is such a gift. Since she has hydrocephalus (water on the brain) her life span and quality of life are unknown. After talking with her vet we decided it’d be best for me to keep her a few months longer than usual so we could have a better idea of what her life will be like so that we can adopt her out to a family and provide them with as accurate information as possible.

Oregon. There is a lot of talk about Oregon around here. Blaine and I just feel like it’s where we belong and we’re taking the steps to eventually get ourselves there permanently, hopefully sooner rather than later. We just need to figure out the financials, the logistics, etc. When you have as many pets as we do renting a place to live is not an easy task so we need to be smart and precise about when, where and how. It was our “by 30 plan” when we visited and fell in love on our anniversary trip in October 2013, but now it’s our “as soon as it’s logical” plan. Fingers crossed we’re there by next summer!


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