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February has been treating me well so far and I’m loving it. I’m really getting to the point (aside from off days here and there) where I feel relatively normal all day without having a gross feeling in my stomach or any of the other more uncomfortable symptoms of pregnancy. I’m feeling so much better that I am actually back to eating a ton of healthy food on a regular basis. Even salad! For a while raw veggies, and veggies in general, were so gross that I couldn’t even think of them.

It’s been so warm out lately so my sister and I have transitioned back into our daily walks. Oh man, I feel so out of shape when we go on these walks! I think we go about one mile, but part of it has hills and I just find myself so out of breath which I know is a combo of being out of shape and being pregnant. My goal is to increase the distance over time and walk almost daily up until the day I deliver. Rumor has it that it makes labor shorter, but either way it’s an easy way to get in exercise!

Though it’s a slow process, we’ve been getting more and more of my parents stuff that we don’t want/need out of the house. Some of the furniture has sold and we have a few boxes to take to donate. Our plan this weekend is to grab a car full of clear plastic totes and start moving almost all of their stuff into those. It’ll be easier for us to organize them in the garage and it’ll definitely make it easier to see what’s inside.

Poor Blaine has completely lost his garage. Right now there’s a motorcycle (roommates), kind bed, 8 seater dining table, china hutch and so much more in there. We can hardly move around in there so he’s definitely not getting a car in there anytime soon which I know is killing him.

Blog and business-wise I have so much planned and in the works. I can’t wait to share so much of it with you as I transition into being more blog and business based with touches of lifestyle and diy posts.

Have the happiest weekend!

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