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Mama & Baby Favorites | 4 Months

It’s time to share our mama and baby favorites for Atlas’ 4th month and I hope this helps other moms figure out what they might need for their own babes. A lot of the favorites I’ve talked about in the past such as the Merlin Magic Suit and the Aden and Anis Blankets continue to be our favorites, but we also have a few new ones I’m excited to share!

Zip Up Fleece Sleepers

Atlas basically lives in these sleepers these days. It’s less about it being a thing we’re obsessed with at 4 months and more an “It’s cold!” thing. He has so many clothes, but most of the day and night he’s cozy and warm in one of these. My favorite are the fleece kind with the zippers instead of snaps. Trying to get a dozen snaps to line up at 2am in the dark after a diaper change might be the most frustrating thing ever.

Coconut Oil

I’m a big fan of coconut oil and have been using it for Atlas since he came home. I get mine at Vitacost because their prices are pretty good. We use it as his lotion instead of a baby lotion. I usually just slather him in it after his showers which he gets just a couple times a week. He also has had some cradle cap for the last few weeks and it’s been going away using coconut oil. What I’ve been doing is putting a generous amount on the dry part of his scalp, waiting a few minutes and then gently rubbing it with a soft baby brush. After just two or three times most of it is gone!

Mr. Bug

We love Mr. bug! He’s Atlas’ carseat friend. We give him Mr. Bug every time he’s in the car seat and he plays with him until he falls asleep. I think he’s just the perfect size for Atlas to grab and has lots of fun colors for him to look at.

Jeep Stroller

The one we got was secondhand, but it’s very similar to the one I pictured and linked to. Now that Atlas is a little older he really wants to sit up and see what’s going on, instead of being stuck in a lie-down position in his carseat while we push him around. So we recently started putting him in his Jeep stroller and he absolutely loves being able to watch the wold go by. He’s not sitting on his own quite yet, but with the harness buckled he’s plenty secure and happy. It’s also a lot easier to maneuver than the snap n go stroller we used for the first few months.

Lasinoh Momma Bottles

After trying out around 5 different types of bottles we got rid of most and these are our favorites! Since Atlas has mostly been breastfed up until this point the nipple shape is great for him to latch onto and there aren’t half a dozen pieces to clean like a few others we tried.

Avent Bottles

These were the very first bottles we tried just because they’re such a popular brand. At first we didn’t like them, but now that Atlas is able to hold his own bottle a lot of the time they are great because they are easy for him to grip onto. Even though his adjusted age is over 4 months, we use the newborn nipples to keep the flow slow so he doesn’t choke and to kind of pace him.

Ingenuity Seat 2-in-1 Booster Seat

Though we have just started using this seat, I can tell we’re going to continue to love it for months to come. It has a slide out tray that stores underneath and it’s a great way for him to sit down (similar to a bumbo seat) without assistance. We have it on our dining table so when we’re having meals he can sit in it and play while at the table with us. As he gets older the colored insert comes out and it becomes a booster seat that you can strap to a chair. These are the kind of baby contraptions I like, the kind that grow with your child and aren’t so short lived.

Doorway Jumper

The actual jumper we have was a hand me down from family and has been discontinued, but is pretty much the same as the one I pictured and linked to. It has a little tray that you can put some toys on and easily attached to the doorway. Atlas has been loving standing up lately so he’s been spending a few minutes each day hanging out in this. He hasn’t really started jumping yet, but he does enjoy standing and kicking around.

Crib Mobile

Although we’ve had this mobile for several months now, it’s only really the last few weeks or so that we’ve been using it consistently. Previously when we’d turn it he would seem to get excited. But now that he’s learning to fall asleep on his own the mobile is a great part of his fall asleep routine.

Those are our mama and baby (mostly baby) favorites for month four!

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