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Morro Bay and Our Little Surprise

I’m finally sharing the photos from our Morro Bay trip back in October! Every year we take a week and go somewhere for our anniversary. We decided to stick a little closer to home and spend time relaxing on the beautiful Central California coast. Most of our week was spent exploring the town around our hotel, eating (a lot!) and relaxing in the hotel (aka napping!).Mid-way through the trip I kind of lost my appetite so I spent a lot of time just hanging out and watching Blaine eat. Blaine got his fill of Fish and Chips and I was seriously just happy to see him happily enjoying all the delicious food. How cheesy is that? Of course, now we know I was pregnant and my symptoms were starting to pop up on the trip. I would get winded every time we walked up the hill to our hotel and would always say something along the lines of “Seriously, I didn’t think I was that out of shape!”. And suddenly I was sick of french fries and didn’t want my morning coffee. Plus, the constant requests for naps left Blaine semi-frustrated that I wanted to spend all our time in the room. I’m just happy the nausea didn’t hit until on the way home on our very last day!

But we did get to relax and enjoy ourselves. We took little day trips to Pismo Beach and Cambria. We even hit a car show in the town just north of Morro Bay on our last day after a huge rain storm and witnessing a double rainbow over Morro Rock.

On our way back we drove through Santa Barbara hoping to stop, but I was feeling too sick so we just drove through hoping to catch a glimpse of funny walks of shame in costume by the college since Halloween was the night before. Aside from a guy in a tree, a dude riding home on a bike with no shoes, one sock and a bag from McDonalds and a Penguin walking down the street, it was pretty tame. Less than an hour after we walked in the door of our home I was looking at a positive pregnancy test. And then another, because I was in total shock. It was the perfect end to a relaxing trip to celebrate our love!

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