My return to slow blogging

With social media taking over the world, and all of my mental space some days because I “need” it for work, I crave the days when we could just sit with our thoughts or the same song on repeat for hours. Or maybe that was just being a teenager. Ha. Do they still do that or do they get lost scrolling endlessly on TikTok like me?

Since my last post months ago where I “quit social media”, I gave in. And every time I do, I regret it. It’s just so hard to feel like it’s the one way to document our lives and connect with others who are so far from me.

But here I am, sitting in a hotel room by myself on one of my work-cations, blasting Only One by Yellowcard for the 47th time tonight just feeling what it was like “back in the day” when social media is something you checked a few times a day, not something you were addicted to. I talk about how much I hate it enough, but I’m struggling with committing to our break up.

Well, at the very least I’m committing to my return to slow blogging. I don’t care of anyone reads. In fact, it’ll be borderline embarrassing if anyone comes across these posts because this isn’t how you blog anymore. You don’t put it all out there, journal style. You curate perfect photos and lives to impress others, get sponsorships, and convince yourself that your life is magical.

And while my life is far from magical, it’s also pretty special. Living in an RV with my family for the past 8 months, completely supporting my family on my self-employed income alone, this isn’t anything I would have ever guessed would be my reality – even if it is something that I have dreamt of for years.

So goodbye blogging to try and get SEO traffic, looking up keywords so I can get my pages to rank, blah blah blah. Hello just documenting this life and putting myself out there. Mostly for me, but if someone else finds me here… hi 🙂

For nostalgia’s sake, let’s just add the soundtrack to this post. Welcome back to 2006 (ish?). This one punches me in the gut every.single.time. Leaving the live version below because the video doesn’t capture the essence. And that :59 mark where your heart stops? No phones in the air recording, just an entire crowd feeling it in every inch of their bodies. Damn.

Will concerts come back already? Except now I’m old and I’ll need a babysitter. Shit.

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