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New adventures ahead

As it turns out, we’re moving. I don’t even know how it happened. We had all these plans for the year and one day we just agreed we wanted to be back in “civilization”, which basically just means a bigger city with more businesses around. As much as we love our little country life, the plan was never to stay here forever. Our first home as served it’s purpose and it’s time to move on.

The thing is, we never planned to sell our house. The plan was always to rent it out and cherish it because it was our first home. Even though I feel my stomach turn knowing that we’re going to sell it to help us buy a new one, I know it’s for the best and that there’s no sense in being sentimental. We have the photos and the memories and are thankful for the years we spent here.

When I start to get choked up I just look forward to the memories we’ll be making in the new house, the opportunities Atlas will have in a new city and all the exciting adventures to come. The last week has been spent cleaning, simplifying and basically trying not to go insane. Now that the house is on the market it has to be spotless at a moments notice so we’re doing our best to clean up and clear out to maintain the house as if two adults, a child and 7 dogs and cats don’t live here. Super realistic, right?

The great thing is that we’re starting the packing process before the house is even sold (to keep up with that whole spotless house thing) so we’ll have a head start once it’s actually time to move.

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