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New house, new life


It’s how crazy how much can change in so little time! Thinking about it now it was just a few months ago we were planning on buying another house about an hour outside of Tehachapi to get back to “civilization”. As much as I truly love Tehachapi, it felt a little lonely. I wanted more opportunities for Atlas and honestly, we were just ready for a change. But then we got to talking my mom and long story short we’re now living by the beach in an area we’ve always wanted to live in! I could not be more happy or more surprised at where we are right now.


It was brutal! Moving is hard, but this was our first move with a baby and it was really, really tough. I felt like an awful mom for having to spend so much time ignoring him and getting frustrated with him so easily when he needed me, but I had a million things to do. We did the whole move ourselves from packing to actually moving, though we had help loading and unloading the truck (thank goodness for Blaine’s friends!). I drove down a few days early to deal with the painters while Blaine stayed back to finish up work and packing. Those days apart were so hard for both of us because I was alone with Atlas in an ever changing environment (new house, hotel room, etc.) and Blaine was stuck at home trying to work and pack up the house. Let’s just say I’m ready to do a whole house purge immediately because we still somehow have so much after years of simplifying.

The house

It’s a sweet little 1,400(ish) sq foot one story in a typical suburban neighborhood. Except it’s three miles from the beach! Technically my mom owns it and we pay her rent. Our house in Tehachapi is now occupied by tenants (does that make us real estate investors?) and we’re paying my mom rent in the same amount as our mortgage was at our old house. We are super lucky! The house is smaller than our last by about 500 sq feet, but I’m happy for the downsize and the lack of stairs now that Atlas is all over the place. I’ll be sharing tons of posts as we make this house our own, but the minute we moved in it felt like home.

I’m officially a stay at home mom

I’m sure people think I’m insane for being excited about this because I haven’t been working outside the house. But I was working hard building up my business(es) while trying to care for Atlas. After talking to Blaine about it one day a few weeks ago we agreed that Atlas should be my #1 focus for a while. While I still plan to blog, etc. because it’s something I love, I’ve shut down my design business and am not looking to earn a “real” income at this time. It’s been so freeing not feeling the pressure of having to balance taking care of Atlas and trying to get work done for clients. Being an entrepreneur is stressful enough, but add a 1 year old who wants your attention 24/7 and it’s damn near impossible.

We’re still very much settling in to our new house and life, but are so insanely happy. There are still tons of things to unpack, but I’m taking my time and enjoying these first few weeks in our new life and am excited to in this space regularly now that we aren’t in limbo.

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