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Park Date with Atlas + Mommy Thoughts

On Friday Atlas and I had our very first park date. Last week was the first hint at fall and it was cool enough to be outside for a couple of hours. I grabbed a couple of blankets, some stuff to do in case he decided to nap and, of course, Atlas. We have this beautiful, tree filled, park in town about 5 minutes from our house and I was surprised that at 3pm on a Friday that it was mostly empty! It was ever so slightly breezy and the perfect day for being outside.

There we sat for two hours on our cozy blanket under the trees. We “talked”, I helped him stand and sit to his hearts desire, I fed him and he napped in my arms. I hardly touched my magazines or laptop and enjoyed just simply being with him on this beautiful day.

Our little park day was just what I needed to refresh and to remind me what’s important. As a work at home mom, I like to say I’m a stay at home mom on crack. I’m basically a full time stay at home mom, which is quite a job by itself, who also needs to somehow fit in part time work (sometimes full time depending on my workload). I’m constantly trying to juggle getting work done, keeping the house decent, running errands, doing my best to help Blaine care for all the animals and, obviously, being mommy to my adorable, needy little guy. But I’ve found that my best days are the days when I really keep focus. I have to remind myself to stop multitasking and that Atlas is my priority during the day. It’s when I remind myself of that that I’m able to relax, destress a little and just enjoy my baby boy.

Every day I’m reminded of how quickly he’s growing. The adorable little “gee” cry he used to do that I never caught on video and he never does anymore. The hilariously cute yell-sneezes that I also haven’t been able to catch on video to cherish forever. How he used to just want to sleep on my chest forever and now he refuses to. That last on really breaks my heart. I want to soak up every second of him growing up and instead of being frustrated that he won’t nap because then I need to stay up until 1am to get my work done, I’m learning to be accepting and thankful that I get to be there for almost every minute of his life. He’ll only be this little once and he’s already growing way too quickly for my heart to handle.

So for now I’ll accept the lack of sleep, time and extra income For I am trading all of those things for something far more precious and fleeting and it’s more than worth it.

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