Savoring little moments

One thing I’ve really started to focus on is really taking in little moments. Like right now.

I got up early, because E (18m) decided he wanted to start harassing me before the sun even started peeking over the horizon by hitting me in the face and asking me to nurse (I’ve decided to stop nursing in the morning to try and break him of this). After fighting it for a while, I left the room and came down to make breakfast at 7am, while Blaine stayed in the room with E to try and get him to go back to sleep. He usually has better luck than me because he doesn’t have the one thing E wants in the morning.

I stood in my in laws kitchen as the sun came up chopping veggies, making “egg stuff”, knowing this is one of the best ways for the family to start their day. Plus, one of the healthiest things the kids will eat right now.

I hear the soft noise of feet walk in behind me and sweet, sleepy C (5) walks in, looks at me, then settles in on the couch with a blanket and our geriatric kitty, Grease.

There’s just something about being up before everyone that calms me, brings me peace and gratitude, and allows me to wake up in a way that leaves me more mentally prepared to take on the day as an entrepreneur with 3 homeschooled kids.

I close the lid on the “egg stuff” and go to say good morning to C only to find that she has fallen back asleep on the couch. So I take a seat at my computer to do some bookkeeping for my reselling business and start some promotions for items that we need sold before we leave California in about a month.

When breakfast is done, I throw a bagel in the toaster, come sit down to write this post, and now I hear the toaster letting me know it’s time to eat.

It’s still quiet, the sun is still waking up, and I feel grateful for where we are right now in life, despite the challenges we’re facing. It won’t be quiet for long, but maybe I’ll get a few bites in before someone bursts in asking me for something. And because I had a little time to myself this morning, I’ll be in the right mindset to be thankful that I have little kids around asking me for something, needing me, etc. because they’re not little for long.

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