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    Top 10 Must Have Blogging Tools

    I’m no blogging newbie. I’ve been blogging since 2009 and I’ve explored probably hundreds of different tools and resources for blogging. It’s always changing as my blog changes and new tools pop up, but below are my absolute must have blogging tools at the moment.SquarespaceI recently talked about my decision to move to squarespace. I do still adore (and kind of miss) Wordpress, but I’m standing my by decision that Squarespace is exactly what I need right now. The simplicity and out of the box beautiful styling and customization options are the reason I’m so in love.

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    How to Be Intentional with Social Media

    In case you missed it I quit Facebook back in August. While I’m planning on doing a check in post with how that’s going in a few weeks,  today I want to talk about cutting back and being more intentional with social media in general. As each new social media platform got popular, we all got engrossed, and then another would pop up and again, engrossed. It’s ridiculous to think that now we mindlessly check these things without even realizing it. I think we all spend more time on social media than we think we do and we really want…