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    Top 10 Must Have Blogging Tools

    I’m no blogging newbie. I’ve been blogging since 2009 and I’ve explored probably hundreds of different tools and resources for blogging. It’s always changing as my blog changes and new tools pop up, but below are my absolute must have blogging tools at the moment.SquarespaceI recently talked about my decision to move to squarespace. I do still adore (and kind of miss) Wordpress, but I’m standing my by decision that Squarespace is exactly what I need right now. The simplicity and out of the box beautiful styling and customization options are the reason I’m so in love.

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    5 Reasons Why I Moved from WordPress to Squarespace

    If you've been visiting my blog for a while you know how much I adore Wordpress, I really do! But I recently made the move to Squarespace and I'm happy with my decision. In fact, I'm so confident I payed for a whole year up front. Today I'm going to share the reasons why I, personally, moved to Squarespace. I'm excited to share my experiences as well as tips, tricks, tutorials, etc. since Squarespace definitely seems to be much less popular than Wordpress and Blogger. Some of my reasons kind of go hand in hand, but they are all separate…