Weekend LInk Love

The last week has been a pretty good one. Lots of small steps taken with Atlas as he continues to progress, and one big step which is that I’m able to breastfeed twice a day. We’re inching towards home. I’ve been working on the editorial calendar for this little blog right here and have been planning some for my other blog as well. I have so (so so so) many plans for DIY projects, blog posts, biz changes for after my self employed “maternity leave” etc. when we get home and I am so antsy about. Soon.Here are some links around the web that I’m loving…

While I usually try to not take statistics too seriously, these stats on clutter are kind of mind blowing.

Some great book recommendations that I plan on downloading on my ipad soon.

Composting basics for beginners. I think this might be something I’ll try out in the next few months.

Did you know about Etsy Wholesale? That’s new to me!

A list of 25 wordpress plugins to check out. I love a good plugin, but I also try to (struggle with) not have too many.

One of the cutest dog videos ever.

Kind of obsessed with the Mornings In series that features typical mornings of people around the world.

Happy Weekend!

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