Weekend Link Love // No 27

IMG_1896.JPGTime for the weekend! I’m going to be spending my time (hopefully) cleaning out my parents garage and getting things ready for a huge yard sale weekend after next. It’s amazing how much you collect over a lifetime and I want to help free them of the burden of so-much-stuff, with their permission of course. FYI I created this post at 3am on my phone after waking up and not being able to fall back asleep. Technology is glorious, right?

How to balance work & life

What WordPress theme is that?

This Kale Citrus Salad looks so good!

How to be productive when working from home

Working for yourself can be tough financially, but setting your own salary and making a plan to get there is something I plan on focusing over the next few months.

In my recent, never ending, obsession with Oregon I’ve discovered from Instagram accounts that I’m not sure if help me cope with not living there yet or make me more anxious to get there. Either way, if you’re not sure what my Oregon/Pacific NW obsession is about go check out @oregonexplored, @thegreat_pnw and @live_pnw

“Curating”, the snob effect and jumping on the bandwagon.

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