Weekend Link Love // No. 28

tiny-happy-weekendWoo for Friday! Venice is excited, can you tell? Just kidding. That was her stressed out face after the torturous 1.5 mile drive to the vet. Fun fact! Did you know dogs pant when they’re stressed? You’re welcome.We’re headed off to Vegas for the weekend for my cousins 13th birthday party. I’ve heard rumors about a video game truck, laser tag and a magician. Not to mention a plethora of terribly delicious kid’s party food. Yesss! I’m just glad I’m off the hook for coming up with games for the kids (teens, I guess) because this is the age where they start thinking everything is stupid, isn’t it? Hope you have a good weekend, friend.

I’ve been participating in Jess Lively’s Life with Intention Online Course and I’m LOVING it.

I’m also currently reading, and absolutely loving and finding inspiration in the book The Slight Edge which was recommended by Jess.

Victoria over at Boiled Eggs and Soldiers is one of my clients and we recently reconnected for some quick design work. She has some amazing, delicious looking recipes so if you’re looking for some food inspiration head over there to check it out.

Speaking of foodie clients, I also recently worked with Claire of Claire K Creations and cleaned up the design we did back in 2013 to simplify it a bit more. Some recent recipes that look amazing: Stawberry Danish Braid  & Savoury Muffins with Feta Pumpkin and Spinach

I’ve been doing yoga semi-regularly, but am still sorely a beginner so I look to youtube for help. This video and this video are two I’ve been turning to lately.

A handy Tax Deductions for Bloggers infographic!

As you can see I haven’t really spent too much time online as most of these aren’t links to articles, blog posts, etc. but more personal things I’ve been enjoying. A nice change from spending too much time online, in my opinion!

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