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Weekly Wishes // No. 10

weeklywishes10Happy Monday! Well, last weeks wishes didn’t really happen as you’ll see below. I truly don’t know what happened last week. I spent half my time majorly productive, half in a rut. I spent my productive time on client projects, so any other goals were in “rut mode”. It was just one of those weeks, you know? Over the weekend I continued my rut and basically lounged around all day on Saturday. Sometimes you need those days, I think, because I feel much better now. On Sunday Blaine, my sister and I spent several hours cleaning out my parents garage, went out to lunch, oh – and I quit my job at the rescue. More on that later, it’s still a little fresh for me.


  1. eCourse design. I didn’t get to work on this too much last week, so moving it down to this week.
  2. October editorial calendars. Nope, not yet.
  3. One home DIY project. Nope!


  1. Finish eCourse! Designing the course itself (content is written), crafting a post/landing page for it, marketing plan and deciding on an official launch day.
  2. October editorial calendars. For this blog as well as the DIY wedding blog I’ve started.
  3. Sew the couch cushion covers. A few of them have torn at the seams and I’ve procrastinated fixing for months even though it’ll likely take me less than half an hour. Of course the more we sit on them the larger the tears get so I need to just suck it up and get it done.
  4. Take the dogs 3 walks. I really need to get in the routine of getting outside. Just drive to the park or a hiking spot and walk around for a little. I always feel great during and after, it’s the getting the leashes on three excited dogs and getting out the door that stops me.
  5. Begin a 2015 plan for my business(es). Now that I’ve quit my job at the rescue, goodbye steady income! It’s time to start planning next year – my goal salary, how I’m going to get there, etc.

That’s more wishes than I usually try for, but I’ll have a little extra time now that I’m back to working for myself full-time. Time to build up my business!

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  1. How exciting creating a plan for 2015! And when it gets a little overwhelming taking the dogs for a walk will definitely make you feel better.

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