Weekly Wishes // No. 12 + eCourse Launches Tomorrow!

Busy, busy weekend! Exhausting, but rewarding. It all started Thursday night when we loaded up all of my sisters stuff to move her from my parents to my house. We filled in the extra space in the truck with stuff my parents wanted to get rid of. Over a lifetime you collect a lot of stuff without even noticing or meaning to and I’m trying to help free them of it (with their permission!). This is why I’m so dedicated to simplifying and decluttering – to avoid a garage, attic and storage space full of stuff I don’t need or even remember I have. So on Friday my sister and I had a garage sale, Saturday Blaine joined in on the fun and we got rid of boxes and boxes! However, we still have a lot sitting around the house waiting to be sorted, sold or donated.

Saturday afternoon and Sunday we spent at Willow Springs International Raceway watching a drifting event. Drifting is so much fun to watch, even though it always makes me a little anxious. Crashing and spinning out into the dirt is very common, but it definitely makes it fun to watch. All in all a good weekend and I’m ready to get to work!


  1. Clean out guest room. Mostly done. Planning on getting the closet cleaned out this week.
  2. Finish eCourse. My goodness. This launches TOMORROW and I need to hustle to get it done!
  3. Closet purge. I’ve removed a lot from my closet and drawers, but I’m definitely not where I want to be yet.


  1. Launch eCourse!!! October 21st is the launch date and I’m so excited to get this out there! Check out some info on the ecourse below 🙂
  2. Sort through donations & stuff to sell Over the weekend we moved my sister in AND brought a box truck full of my parents stuff  over and had a yard sale. Still have some stuff to sell on craigslist and to sort through some to donate. Hoping to get the house back in order this week. The boxes and just scattered stuff all over the house is making it hard for me to focus on work!
  3. Take donation to the thrift store Once I sort through everything the goal is to get it donated this week so I don’t have donation boxes lingering around the house for weeks like I usually do.


how-to-sell-on-igMake some extra cash selling items you don’t need or start a small business selling on Instagram! The How to Sell on Instagram eCourse will cover every single step from preparing your instagram selling account, setting up paypal, taking great photos, listing tips and tricks, packing and shipping along with a ton of tips and examples along the way. As an online seller for the past 11 years, I’ve got a wealth of knowledge to share. I have sold on instagram yard sale style to find new homes for preloved vintage items and clothing, and I also currently run Kintage, an instagram only shop. This ecourse will break down every step, every pro tip and answer a lot of questions I get asked. It is web based and will be launching tomorrow, October 21st at 7am! If you’re looking to make a little extra holiday money or start selling your amazing handmade items on instagram, but aren’t sure where to start and need a little guidance, this is the ecourse for you!

Check back tomorrow for the full rundown and to buy the ecourse and start selling on Instagram!


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