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Weekly Wishes // No 13 + November Goals

Over the weekend Venice got adopted and while life pretty much went back to normal, my heart aches every time I find a picture or find something that reminds me of her. Her new mom is amazing and I’m sure will be a better home than I could’ve given her, but after having her in my house and heart for four months it’s tough. I’ll definitely do a proper post about my experience with her like I have with my other fosters shortly.

The rest of the day on Saturday was spent hanging out in my sisters room watching scary movies and eating. I sound like a teenager when I say that, but I needed it. We joked that we were depressed about Venice leaving so it was entirely acceptable. Sunday was spent cleaning and sorting and organizing as usual. One day I might have a house that I won’t have to constantly be working on, but it won’t be anytime soon!

Today we leave for our anniversary trip and I’m so excited!


  1. Launch eCourse!!! Success! You can check out my How to Sell on Instagram eCourse here.
  2. Sort through donations & stuff to sell Yep! Still in progress, but I got a lot done.
  3. Take donation to the thrift store This didn’t happen yet. Will definitely as soon as we get back from our trip, though.


  1. Get 2 weeks ahead in posting. My goal is to post 4-5 days per week, but it can be a struggle if something comes up and I don’t have the next few days scheduled already. I’d like to get 2 weeks ahead in posting in order to avoid this issue.
  2. Start my Holiday shopping. We don’t have quite that many people to shop for, but I like to get done early so I’m not rushing when the malls are crazy and spending more than I need to. Starting early means being able to look out for the best deals and maybe even some DIY projects for gifts.
  3. Finish Design Site Updates. I’m kind of revamping some of the pages on my design site. While I still have links to work with me on this blog, I think it’s important to have an official design site so while I’m not changing the design really, I’m just touching it up and making sure it looks better, is effective and flows nicely.


  1. Enjoy our anniversary trip! This is my only wish this week. We’ll be gone all week and I just want to enjoy some relaxing time with Blaine.

What are you hoping to achieve this week?

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