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Weekly Wishes // No 14

Starting 2015 right with a Weekly Wishes post! Happy New Year, everyone! Ever since I found out I was pregnant, I’ve basically been in bed or on the couch. Though I started feeling bit better a couple weeks ago, with the holidays and still feeling generally gross it was hard to get motivated. But with the new year and the help of my new planner, I feel like I’m (slowly) getting back to my “old” self. I’ve got a lot of business and blog planning to do this week to set myself up for the next month and maybe I’ll come up with some 2015 goals as well.


  1. January Editorial Calendar. I want to have my posts planned out for the month so I can get to creating the content!
  2. Catch up on filing. You should (or shouldn’t) see my desk right now. It’s stacked a foot high with papers that need to be filed. I need to box up 2014 and move over to a fresh 2015.
  3. Finish Up Frisky Fitness website. My dear client (and good friend) has been so patient while I haven’t been feeling well and it’s time to get her site done (almost there!). I’m excited to share it in the upcoming weeks.
  4. Set up “class” schedule. I’m signed up with Treehouse and want to further my skills in design and even move into development. I’m hoping coming up with a weekly schedule where I sit down and learn for a blocked off amount of time will help me move through the courses.

Keeping it pretty light this week since it’s my first real week back in work mode. Naps will still happen and I’m sure I’ll still have bad days so I don’t want to overwhelm myself.

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