Weekly Wishes // No. 17

It’s my birthday this week so I’m keeping my wishes light again. I have a lot planned for the week like a day full of pregnancy related appointments, a rescue meeting, etc. so I want to make sure to not overwhelm myself with too much. It sounds so lazy, but I find that I do better at accomplishing my goals if I limit them. It’s hard because my real to do list is at least 50 items long, but it’s really worth narrowing them down to get focused.


  1. Wrap up current design projects. Not quite. Still finishing up, but almost there.
  2. Get outside and walk at least 4 days this week. Pass! Went on 5!


  1. Get a week ahead in blogging. I’ve had this on my weekly wishes before, but I’m really going to make this my main goal this week!
  2. Continue walking every weekday. Just a little motivation to keep my momentum going. We don’t walk far or for a long time, but just getting out and walking has been great and I want to continue!
  3. Build out the No Kill Kern website. After leaving the last rescue I was with in October, I’ve joined in with a few friends to start a new animal rescue! It’s super exciting and I’m, of course, in charge of web design. I’ll probably talk about this more in the future since we’re just getting started, but it’s something I’m really excited and passionate about.

What are your goals for this week?

2 Comments on “Weekly Wishes // No. 17

  1. How great that you and your friends are starting an animal rescue! I’d like to hear more about that, will you be blogging about it??It is nice to get outside even just for a short walk, but I don’t like it being so cold!

    1. I’ll definitely blog about it a little bit! I’m so excited about it. We’re still very small (only 7 dogs in our rescue), but we have so many plans and it’s going to be great 🙂

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