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Weekly Wishes // No. 7

mila-car-show ootd-sept-14 Happy Monday! Our weekend seemed long and full, but simultaneously relaxing and a little lazy. We went to a car show (Mila tagged along!), had a mini pizza leftover picnic in the park, watched a lot of Bones, ate at denny’s, had a lazy sunday morning/afternoon (I worked in bed while Blaine napped!) and then spent Sunday night celebrating a friends (also my boss, technically) birthday. Good times all around and one of my favorite weekends in a while.I feel really good about the upcoming week despite the fact that I have quite a bit on my plate, actually a lot more than usual. I’ll be chugging coffee, taking stretch breaks and being as efficient as possible over here for the next five days. I was pretty successful with my last set of wishes (not last week, but the week before) and am keeping my list for this week short and sweet. The main goal this week is to keep up with my projects and work all around.


  1. Finish first draft of ebook. I actually got the majority of this done! Not completely done, but I’d guess like 80% of the rough draft.
  2. Get dressed everyday. Since I skipped a week I’m not 100% sure, but I think I made it a full week getting dressed. In fact I’ve been very good about it lately.
  3. Get completely caught up on Design work. Yes! Well, now I have a forever long to-do list for design work, but I have caught up on everything I meant to.
  4. September Editorial Calendar for this blog & DIY Wedding blog. Yep! I have posts scheduled 5 days a week starting today, September 15th. Now I just need to work on getting them all written. I’m thinking about pulling back to 3 days a week just to be more realistic and not overwhelm myself. We’ll see how this week goes.



  1. Send first email to email list. One of my wishes a few weeks ago was to get my email list opt-in up. Now I need to start using my list. I’d like to email maybe twice a month, starting this week.
  2. Two DIY posts. I’d like to do more DIY posts on here and I’ll also be doing them a couple of times a month over on the wedding blog. I love crafting and making things with my hands so it’ll be fun to get back into that, and it’ll be nice to get off the computer and still feel productive.
  3. Get a week a head in posting here. I’d like to get about 1 week ahead for my posts on this blog. My weekly wishes posts and weekend link love posts will probably be a little less pre-thought out for obvious reasons, but if I can get my other posts ahead of schedule that’d be great!
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