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Weekly Wishes // No. 9

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Happy Monday! The weekend was a good one with our annual Paws & Pearls event for Marley’s Mutts. Getting dressed up once in a while is fun and I got to spend it with good friends. Of course, it turned into a mini sleepover party because cool kids don’t drink and drive. Sunday was spent lounging around and admiring Blaine who proves to be extremely handy and ready to tackle any project. Half a day to install a window when he’s never done it before? No problem. Now he’s ready to replace all the older windows in the house, you know besides the fact that windows are a few hundred bucks. And now I’m motivated to tackle a few home projects as well which I’m excited about!


  1. Spend one hour blogging daily. Giving myself a pass on this. I blogged the equivalent of one hour daily, but probably not one hour each day. Some days were more than an hour, some were less. Main point is — I was a blogging fiend and am aiming to keep the momentum going!
  2. Send first email to email list. This is scheduled to go out tomorrow! If you haven’t signed up you can do so here. It’s going to be a good one with some exclusive tips, plus a bonus offer for anyone looking for design whether it’s blog design, graphics, event suites, etc.
  3. Get moving for at least 20 minutes everyday. Same situation as blogging daily, I don’t know that I did 20 minutes each day. Also, I kind of cheat. I count cleaning as “moving”. I usually put on a podcast and speed clean for 20-45 minutes on an almost daily basis. With being busy and a multitasker it feels good to be able to feel like I’m moving my body and keeping up with the house at the same time. I know this doesn’t replace exercise, but right now it’s better than nothing!


  1. eCourse design. What? eCourse? I actually was originally writing an ebook, but wanted it to be more visual and interactive so I switched gears and it’s now an eCourse! I’m done writing it for the most part and want to get the eCourse deigned this week.
  2. October editorial calendars. I’m a bit ahead of myself with this, but haven’t fully planned out October for this blog and my DIY wedding blog that I’m in the middle of launching.
  3. One home DIY project. I have so many projects in my head swimming around from finally painting the studio to a new desk to a million other things so my goal is to at least do one this week!

Those are my three wishes this week! I’m keeping it small and simple because my workload is still pretty full between the rescue and my client work. I also want to have a little time to do some projects around the house. Also, now that Sept is over and October is coming (what!) it’s time to review monthly wishes.


  1. Write ebook eCourse! I am about 75% done. All I have left to do is design (doing that this week) and come up with some marketing plans for it. I’m so excited!
  2. Get DIY Wedding Blog up and running. It’s up. It’s running. I have posts planned all week so we’re definitely off to a good start.
  3. 4th Quater Blog plan for this Blog. Fail.
  4. Finish my 2013 taxes. Done! Now to make payments and put more away than I have been so we don’t need to make payments next year.
  5. Organize my dropbox. Nope. Still need to do this!


  1. Launch my first eCourse! I’m so excited about this I don’t even know what to say. I’ll be talking about it a little more in the coming weeks as I plan to launch and hopefully create a little excitement.
  2. Have a yard sale. We have big things happening in the next couple of months and one thing I really need to plan before it gets too cold is a combined yard sale between our stuff and, mostly, my parents stuff.
  3. General 4th quarter plan for both blogs. I’m not talking 100% step by step laid out, but with fall, winter and holidays there’s a lot to plan for if I want to make the most of my blogs.

Geze, this is quite a long post, but I firmly believe that in order to success we need to write down our goals and dreams so that we have something to work for. Happy Monday!!

4 Comments on “Weekly Wishes // No. 9

  1. I think that speed cleaning should definitely count as being active. You’re not sitting on the couch! I always have to keep editorial calendars on my goal list.. best of luck with everything this week!!

    1. That’s my thought too. I’m moving, it counts for something, right? And yes — editorial calendars. I have to always remind myself to do them, but they are SO helpful and keep me on track.

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