When it comes to posting kids online…

Now that I’m planning to blog about my life again, it’s time to discuss the topic of posting about kids online. In the past, I’ve shared my kids freely. But in recent years, especially after someone online crossed the line in an attempt to make me and my business look bad, I’ve pulled back a lot.

These days, I share them on private social media with people I know. I don’t post them on anything public. I know that private on the internet is still not that private, but I’m comfortable with it for the most part.

To be honest, I miss being able to share all about them along with photos of them! I love talking about them and sharing how amazing they are with the world. But with the internet, I don’t want to put that out there. Not even just because of predators, but also because I don’t want them to have this long history on the internet before they can even use it themselves.

I want to share about them because they’re a big part of my life, but I don’t want to share too much. So I’ve come up with some guidelines that I’ll try to follow when it comes to this blog.

When it comes to sharing about my kids:

  • First names only
  • No clear photos of faces (or at least very minimal)
  • No mention of personal details
  • Not the main focus on this blog

I feel pretty comfortable with these guidelines. I was a little iffy about the names, but I also felt odd coming up with aliases? Maybe I’ll just refer to them by their initials since they’re all different. Unsure about that right now. That would also require going back to old posts and removing names. Not sure how I feel about that quite yet.

But for now, let’s start blogging! ❤️

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