Where do we go from here?

The thing about blogs are they are forever evolving and can be whatever your heart desires. When I first started blogging it was simply an online journal of whatever memories, thoughts, photo, etc. I wanted to record. From there I started putting a little more effort into my content and started including posts that were useful to others like recipes and DIY’s. Then I wanted to move into the entrepreneurship and self employment space for us creatives and solopreneurs. That last one I struggled with. I always want this blog to represent me and while that’s one important aspect of who I am, it’s not everything. I had a hard time finding a balance where I wasn’t going to 100% turn into a business blog and could inject my own life into the blog on occasion. So as I’ve become a mother, continue to be passionate about entrepreneurship, diy and healthy recipes, amongst other things, we’re veering back into the direction of a lifestyle blog.

Even though I plan on moving forward as a lifestyle blog, my plans for this blog aren’t just to post about my new baby fifteen times a month. I’m currently working on an editorial calendar and curating useful, thoughtful content sprinkled with journal-like entries.

Basically what I’m saying is, I do what I want! But I’m doing it with my readers and desires to share knowledge and grow my blog in mind too.

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