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Recipe // Vegetarian Crunchwrap


I’d like to say I’m one of those people that never eats fast food, but that would be a lie. I try to be healthy though and avoid it for the most part. However, when I found a recipe for homemade Crunchwrap Supreme (like those at Taco Bell) I was so excited to try and put my own vegetarian twist onto it.

I made them for lunch today and they took me about 20 minutes between set up, cooking, etc. but THEY WERE DELICIOUS. Let me just quote my lovely husband who happily eats all my experimental, healthy, meatless cooking, but especially loves anything unhealthy and terrible for you: “This is one of the best things you’ve ever made. And it tastes better than the one at Taco Bell.” Done. Go buy your ingredients because you’re never going to get a better review.

Also note — they don’t look that big, but it was plenty of food for both of us and a lot more stable/less messy than we thought they’d be. I had the assumption that they’d pretty much crumble the instant I took a bite, but it was not messy at all.


Vegetarian Crunch Wraps
(Adapted from here, which was adapted from here.)

You will need:
-Morningstar Beef Crumbles
-Taco Seasoning
-Shredded Mexican cheese
-Tortilla chips (get round ones if  you have a choice)
-Plain Greek yogurt (or sour cream)
-Jalapeno (optional)

1. Add a little olive oil (about 1 tbsp) to a skillet and cook your frozen morningstar crumbles. I used about 1 cup for both of our crunchwraps. Once it starts to soften a bit, add some taco seasoning. I didn’t use the whole packet, I just sprinkled some in.

2. While you’re waiting for that to cook, shred the lettuce and chop the tomatoes and jalapeno. Cut the avocado in half so it’s ready to scoop out with a spoon.



3. Build your crunchwrap! First microwave your tortilla for about 10-15 seconds so it softer and easier to fold later. Make sure you don’t take up too much space, you need to make sure there’s a lot of tortilla around the edges to fold it. Don’t try to pile too much on, you won’t be able to close it. Here’s the order I did it in along with an approximation of how much I used)
-Morningstar Crumbles (1/2 cup)
-Cheese (less than 1/4 cup)
-Tortilla Chips (4-5)
-Greek yogurt (less than 1/4 cup)
-Avocado (1/4 avocado)
-Lettuce (1/4-1/3 cup)
-Tomato (just a few pieces)
-Jalapeno (just a few pieces)
Obviously, you can layer it however you want, but this worked great for me. Doesn’t it already look delicious??


4. Fold the edges in. Start at one end and fold in one direction. I just spun the plate as I went around. As you can see, I had to use an extra piece of tortilla to cover the middle. Unless you make tiny crunchwraps, you’ll probably have to do this as well. Just make the first few folds, rip off a piece of tortilla, stick it in the middle under the folds and continue folding around it.


5. Carefully flip your crunchwrap over and place it in a heated and greased pan. I cooked mine on medium for 3 minutes on each side. Start with the folded side down so it hardens and stays together.


6. Devour! These things are seriously so, so good. I will be making them regularly!


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