Oh my. I am such a slacker. Thanksgiving was glorious. I’m so glad my sister and I picked up some fake turkey & meat-less gravy! The turkey was good, but oh how I’ve missed gravy! It was so good. I need to get to Whole Foods more often. It’s a dangerous place for my wallet and my belly, though.

The day before Thanksgiving, we stopped by Fishy Finds. I don’t know how to describe this place. Not just vintage, not just antiques, but also lots of modern items. It’s amazing, though. You really have to dig through. We scored a ton of vintage 50’s and 70’s clothing. Will post pictures of our lovely stash later. All of it needs to be cleaned and there are a few items that need some mending. I’ll have to find time to do that.

You’d think working part time would give me tons of free time. But I’ve been scrambling to get together items for 2 swaps, fulfill some orders for some small pet cage items as well as catch up on my school work and real estate licence class. AHH! Could I just freeze time for a tiny bit? A few hours? I’d love a good 4 extra hours today. Can someone arrange that for me? Thanks a billion!

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