To Do Today & Did This Weekend

This weekend there was a huge estate sale of all vintage and antique randomness. Unfortunately I had a commitment on Saturday that prevented me from going the first day. I don’t even want to think about the amazingness that I probably missed. But I did get to go on Sunday and I picked up a few fun things. Then we hit up a local vintage shop.

On top of that last Thursday I went thrifting with my poppa and sister. Then yesterday (Monday), I went out to Bakersfield with Blaine’s momma and picked up some great stuff. Oh – and we drove through Sonic three times. For three Orange Cream Slushes! So good. So bad, too. It’s ok though. Our closest Sonic is probably 30-45 minutes away, so I won’t be having another one for at least months. It’s all her fault, but I love her for it because they’re yummy.

Thursday Thrifting:

The Korn shirt, eyelet tank & grey and yellow striped shirt are my dad and sisters finds.


I’m in love with the green & purple speckled sunglasses. They’re by Jaguar, lol, but I love them to death. They’re kind of yellow tinted so while we were driving around they made the trees and grass look so luscious and green! Our brown southern CA plant life is so much better with those sunglasses on.

& do I even need to say anything about the Swizzle Sticks? LMFAO. Basically – it’s a bunch of nude boys. With this weird frosted stuff that’s in the shape of clothes. Then when you use them in liquid, the clothes come off. Too funny. Most of the clothes are faded off, probably from being so old, but I still love them.

Picked up the jewelry box. The music still works! I probably should either clean or replace the inside velvet.

my two favorite little things are in this picture. My mini tupperware keychain & the shovel pendant that says “I Dig You The Most”! So CUTE. Blaine was sad he didn’t find it first so he could give it to me. Poor guy 😉


I love that dress. I hope it fits.

Two more thermoses. I love them.

Shopping the last several days has been SO MUCH FUN. I’m so worn out though. I think I should take a little break.

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