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Snack Time! Wallaby Organic Yogurt

(Don’t mind my weird bun on top of my head, it’s been so hot & muggy today!)

Wallaby Organic Yogurt is my new love. I love this stuff so so much. The only flavor I’ve tried so far is Key Lime and it’s so yummy. I went to their site and found that the milk farms they use are small family milk farms. They show pictures of cows in PASTURES, which made me happy. The negative nancy in me is telling me that they could have just put up random pictures of cows in pastures, while theirs are shut in buildings to suffer, but I’m going to go with the optimistic view and the fact that a big lie like that could totally backfire. I did a little research on the farms, google mapped them (yeah, I’m crazy) and they LOOK to be decent. And all in CA, so it’s all very local. I love it. And it’s organic! I can pretty much understand what every ingredient is. That’s a new goal of mine: to only eat things in which I know exactly what each ingredient is (or most of them at least). None of those ingredient lists that are 50+ items long with lots of scientific words, lots of x’s and y’s. If that makes me sound dumb, so be it. But if I can’t even SAY the name, let alone know what it is and why it’s in my food, I don’t want to eat it!

My favorite cereal (along with Barbara’s Peanute Butter Puffins) is Kellogg’s Fiber Plus Antioxidants with Yogurt & Berry Clusters. SO SO good. Decided to look at the list of ingredients the other day and it took up half the side of the box. Heartbroken would be the perfect word to describe how I felt when I decided I would be doing by best to cut that out.

Now I’m off to finish some of my To-Do’s for the day! Sitting at this computer is making my back hurt.

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