Nicholas Sparks

I can’t help it. Nicholas Sparks books make me happy. I just bought “The Lucky One” on my Nook. It’s funny, I would cringe at paying $8.00 for a book in stores, but hardly cared buying it on my Nook. Maybe that’s because I love buying books at yard sales for less than $1.00!

We’ll see if I like it. I haven’t found one that I don’t like, yet. Easy, fun reads. That’s what I need.

Worked a 10.5 hour day today (+2 hours in commuting) so I’m exhausted. Ready to repeat tomorrow? I hope so!

P.S. I severely miss yard sales. *sigh* And my yard sale buddy (sister) is moving in 3 months so soon I won’t even have anyone to go with. I’m actually really sad about that.

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