Danielle over at Sometimes Sweet posted on her fear of birds which prompted me to talk about my fears. I can almost say I’m afraid of everything. Heights – I get dizzy if I’m higher than about the 5th floor in a building, I’ve never been on a real roller coaster and I hate planes. The Dark – I’m trying to get over the whole “turn off the lights, run & JUMP into bed” thing, I swear! Maybe that’s also partly “under the bed monster” fear? It’s so funny because I know how illogical most of my fears are and if I try really hard I can usually talk myself through them. But there are two fears of mine that seem sort of related. The Ocean & Space.


Ocean. Honestly, any deep water freaks me out. Especially if I’m in it and can’t see the bottom. I have this thing about the huge abyss below and around me that could swallow me whole. The funny thing is I’m not even really afraid of fish or sharks attacking me. Obviously it’s not like I go around looking for them, but I just don’t like what I can’t see! What I hate even more? Driving by the ocean in the dark. It gives me chills. I’m also kind of deathly afraid of tsunamis. There’s a great restaurant in Malibu right on the ocean and every time we go there I have to remind my family that if there was a tsunami, we would be screwed. Nice huh?


Space. Oh god. When my dad starts talking about space I freak out. I don’t even like to try and think about how much SPACE there is in space. I think it’s another thing with the whole “abyss” fear. It’s too big. It’s so hard to grasp and it makes me shudder if I think too much about it.

Maybe I’m the opposite of a claustrophobic?

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