Father’s Day: The Good & The Very Bad

For Father’s Day my dad and I went off-roading with Blaine’s family. It was actually more fun than I thought it would be, despite the fact that there were a few moments where I feared for my life. Let’s just say we were supposed to be on four wheels, not three. I get car sick easily, so we stopped for some Dramamine and unfortunately they didn’t have the anti-drowsy kind. Somehow I ended up half asleep through half the trip even with all the bumps and turns every couple of seconds. It was extremely windy so our attempted picnic ended up with me in the car sheltering myself and my egg salad sandwich from dirt particles. Nothing like a little sand crunch in your sandwich. Ew. All in all my dad had a good time and so did Blaine. We eventually came home and that’s where the drama of the last few days begins…

We let the dogs out when we got home and an hour later when I went to let them in I found Ralph… with fang marks on his muzzle. We rushed him an hour to the nearest emergency vet, praying the whole time that he’d make it that far. His face was swollen, he was very still and calm (abnormal for him) the entire ride and I did not once take my eyes off him. Any time he moved or shifted his position, I freaked out wondering if this was it. We got there, they took a $500 deposit and rushed him into the back. They said they would treat him, but it would all depend on what kind of Rattlesnake bit him. We left him there and I cried on the way home overwhelmed and feeling guilty.

Ralph 6.20.11

The next morning my dad and I picked him up, his face was swollen, it was out of it, but he was alive. Dropped him off at our local vet for the day so they could check him out and observe him. Luckily he was doing well and I got to take him home that day (last night). He slept on my bed last night so I could be there if anything happened. He is doing great and I am so happy my little Ralph is such a great survivor. His swelling is already starting to go down a little and his energetic personality seems to slowly be coming back.

Ralph 6.21.11

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