Dear Yard Sales – I’m back!!

It has been a while since I’ve gone to yard sales. Now that we live in a community about 20 minutes outside of a small town, I’ve noticed that there aren’t as many and they don’t go through the entire year like they did back in Simi Valley.  In Simi, you could pretty much find a yard sale any weekend as long as it wasn’t raining. Here? In the winter if there’s no snow, it’s just plain too cold. But the spring and summer has brought yard sales and I have a new found appreciation for Tehachapi yard sales. I’ve found a lot of good older/vintage items that I love love love. A couple of weekends ago I picked up some vintage plush toys – a tomahawk and a British Royal Guard that has a small fabric book made out of his coat. SO cute. No – I’m not pregnant, I swear. I need to take photos of those because they’re super cute.

This Friday my dad and I stopped at one yard sale on the way home from our weekly Thai food and grocery shopping date. We picked up a bunch of mushroom curtains from the 70’s with JC penny’s tags on them (to add to my shop inventory, I’ll be getting that shop going soon) and some cute glasses, including an armadillo mug and a Tang pitcher that I thought was kind of fun. I have a weird obsession with random mugs. My dad even got a set of 11 (kind of an annoying number) Rams glasses for his friend’s birthday. My dad’s not huge into yard sales so it was fun that he bought something as well!

7.9.11 Yard Sale Haul

Then today Blaine and I decided to go to a few yard sales before brunch or else we’d sleep in WAY too late. I swear, whenever Blaine comes with me he finds stuff and I don’t! We ended up coming home with 7 hockey pucks and a personal vending machine for $20 LOL. It’s not the cutest thing in the world, but it’s pretty awesome and we wouldn’t need a fridge in the garage for drinks. It holds about 64 cans or 32 bottles. Neither of us drink beer so it will definitely be holding cans or water bottles.

7.11.11 skybox

You can put 4 different types of drinks in it and all the buttons as well as the big lighted face plate are customizable. Ours just has the normal skybox logo like the above, so I’m trying to think of something creative to change it to when we have it in our garage.

I found some reviews on amazon and they’re pretty decent. We did have the sellers plug it in to make sure it works, I’m just interested to see how well it cools and hope it doesn’t use too much electricity. Either way for $20, it’s not a huge risk. I saw in the amazon reviews that people paid as much as $500 for theirs. Score!

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