Weekend Recap

Phew, the last few weekends have been so so busy. While I am beyond excited that our wedding is quickly approaching, I’m also behind on what I need to do and exhausted because it seems like every weekend is completely full!

Saturday afternoon my sister, dad and I headed down to LA. We dropped my dad off at my grandma’s house and my sister and I headed over to Blaine’s parents house where we always stay when we come down for the weekend. Our reason for coming down this weekend was for our engagement photoshoot, which I talked a little about on Friday.

Well… let’s just say things didn’t go as expected. My sister and I created a facebook event inviting all of our facebook friends to be zombies for the second/fun half of Blaine and my engagement photoshoot. We were to meet at the beach in the morning. We were bringing doughnuts for everyone and bought make up. We had 16 people who RSVPed that they were coming plus my best friend, my sisters best friend and Blaine’s best friend. Now I’m a pretty realistic person so I figured about half of them wouldn’t show up. However, I would have been totally happy with five.

We were running a bit late and finally got to the beach a little before 9am. We had about 4 dozen doughnuts ready, plus the two photographers (my uncle and cousin-in-law). I won’t go into details, but all of our best friends texted us flaking. And then guess how many of the 16 facebook RSVP’s showed up? ZERO. Now, I completely understand that we weren’t paying anyone and no one was under no obligation to come, but really? Who does that? Why would you RSVP for something and then not show up. I’m sure things came up for some people, but for others I know it was just laziness. Rude. So here we were with way too many doughnuts, filled with excitement about how fun this photoshoot would be.

Ugh. Just plain annoying. //end rant

Other than that, the engagement shoot went well besides the fact that we got completely soaked by the waves while trying to take photos. And then there were some awkward poses (most of them). Neither one of us is very photogenic so you can just imagine.

I’ll definitely share the engagement photos when I get them. I’m excited to see how they turned out.

After the shoot we made our way over to Paradise Cove in Malibu for lunch and then shopped for a few hours. I got my wedding shoes, but I’m doing a bit of DIY on them to make them perfect. Blaine is too funny. He hates heels. We found flats that I loved in a pale pink lace, but the first Macy’s only had one shoe in my size and couldn’t find the other. Then the second Macy’s didn’t have my size at all. Go figure. That sweet boy of mine is going to check the other two Macy’s in the area for them after work today. What man goes shoe shopping for his fiance? Mine. I love him.

We then proceeded to have a quick dinner at Panda Express (can you tell this whole losing weight thing isn’t going well?) and then headed over to the the $3 theater (amazing) and saw Bad Teacher. It was pretty funny, we actually liked it more than expected.

This week will be filled with lots of DIY projects, list making to assure that I have everything planned and ready to go and then on Friday we’re going to a Foo Fighters concert. I’m excited for the next couple of weeks. They’re going to go by fast so I’m going to do my best to savor the last few weeks I have as a fiance before I am a wife and have a husband. <3

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