Thanksgiving table… optional?

It’s official: We’re having Thanksgiving at our new house! Yikes! That means I have about 2 weeks to make it look like a warm, cozy home. It’s probably going to just be Blaine and I, his parents, my dad and my bestie, Kim, who will come late so we can go Black Friday shopping in the morning (or that night). We’ll definitely be inviting more friends and family, but we know a lot of people have plans and don’t want to drive an hour and a half to our house.

We are picking up a Uhaul today to pick up our hand me down couches and the queen bed frame Blaine bought last week. I cannot for the life of me find a dining table I like at any of the thrift stores. I was hoping to find one on craigslist or at a thrift store for $200 or less and then refinish/restain it myself so it’s the way I want. Nope, no luck. If we don’t find one in the next few days, we’ll be BUILDING our own table. I know, crazy. For a while I tried to figure out how we could stain and finish a picnic table to work inside our house.

Until then, I’m collecting tons of inspiration.

Benchwright Reclaimed Wood Dining Table – $1,099 @ Pottery Barn

Toscana Dining Table – $799 @ Pottery Barn


Modern Farmhouse Table – $1,998 @ Anthropologie

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