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My Christmas List

When I was a kid, I would make a little list of what I’d like for Christmas. I’m sure this was especially helpful to my parents in my teen years when my style and opinions were much stronger than when I was in elementary school and they could easily guess what would make me happy. Now it feels so weird when my parents ask what I want and I feel greedy giving them any ideas. However, I can guiltlessly make a list just for fun on this little blog of mine. Some of these are a little weird or random and others are more realistic than others, but a girl can dream right?

An adorable chicken coop (and chickens!)

Matching ring finger tattoos that Blaine & I want to get. Not necessarily these ones.
Bed frame – dark wood bed frame or simple metal?

CatGenie Self Flushing Cat Box — if you have cats you know why this is on here

What’s on your holiday wish list??

8 Comments on “My Christmas List

  1. Sara – I know, right? I would die. I’ve wanted chickens for a while now, but now their coop will need to be that amazing.

    Jessica – isn’t it? I may have to give in and just buy it for spring.

    Britney – I know, right? Hmmm… hint hint santa.

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