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12 Goals for 2012

A new year always brings a sense of starting fresh. I’m a big list and goal maker so I’m super excited to get started on this year!

12 Goals for 2012
1. Go on 2 trips, just me and my husband. I’m looking forward to savoring all of this newlywed happiness and traveling with the love of my life.
2. Read 10 books. I read 3 at the very tail end of last year along with a few throughout the year, but I want to make an effort to read more! When I get into reading, I read a ton.
3. Take more photos. I was a lot better last year, but this year I’m hoping to take even more!
4. Go back to school. I’m a few semesters away from getting my Bachelors in Business. 
5. Kintage.com launch – I’ve been working on this for weeks and will have more details soon! I’m super excited!!
6. Learn a new skill. I’m not sure what yet. I’ve kind of always wanted to learn to play the guitar… we’ll see.
7. Start creating weekly meal plans. No more shopping without a list then getting home and realizing you don’t have anything to make a complete meal. Duh.
8. Create an inspiring studio. I’m so excited to get started on this! Organized and inspiring studio, here I come!
9. Be more tidy – I’m counting on the hope that if I work really hard at it for a while, it’ll become a habit.
10. Finish 52 creative projects. I do a ton of sewing for my business, but I need to do some fun ones just for me.
11. Blog an outfit once a week. This used to say “Get dressed everyday” and then I laughed. Instead my goal is blog an outfit once a week so that at least once a week I can get out of my sweatpants. Baby steps.
12. Fill my house with beautiful photos. All the photos I take tend to get left in digital format. This year I’m going to fill my house with pictures of family, memories and good times.
What about you? What are your goals for this new year?

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