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One Week Clean-Eating Challenge

I know, I know. Another food challenge? Today was the last day of my Sugar Strike Challenge (1,2) so I’ll post a full update on that soon. Right now I’m going to talk about the Clean Eating Challenge that Danielle over at Sometimes Sweet is having. I actually own a Clean Eating book that I picked up a few years ago. I really, really loved the idea of it and it did change my habits a bit when I read through it. I’m telling you, the white rice all the time, meat eating me from a couple of years ago would be shocked at how I eat now. Here’s a pretty good explanation of Clean Eating, the way I think of it. I go by Method 2 on that website.

Basically, I’m taking the challenge to eat healthy, clean, whole foods this week. I’ll be avoiding refined sugar and processed food for the whole week. It’s only a week long so I’m excited to kind of continue/repurpose my original Sugar Strike Challenge along with some others who are joining in on this.

My fridge and freezer are stocked pretty full with produce and have been for a couple of weeks now. The only exception I’ll make is Tofu (is that considered processed?) and a couple of fake meat items per week. Sometimes, as a vegetarian, it’s just plain tough to get in all the protein I need. I’m not a huge fan of nuts, but I’m trying to change that. In the meantime I’ll be getting it from Tofu, Greek yogurt, quinoa and the occasional fake meat product.

Tonight I’m going to write out a few recipes that I’ll be preparing this week to achieve my goal. It’s amazing how big of a difference my eating habits are when you compare a meal planning week to a non-meal planning week. Here goes nothing!

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