The Sugar Strike Challenge: Checking In

Just checking in. It’s been interesting. I have not been able to stay under than 50g of sugar a day which really frustrates me. Yet, I haven’t had a bite of chocolate, cookies, candy, etc. The sugar I’ve ingested is just from regular food so that makes me feel better.

What I’ve noticed:

  • I still want sweets, but I don’t HAVE to have them. I can turn them down and forget about it pretty quickly.
  • My hunger levels have been more consistent. I usually snack all day, but without the sugar in my system I’ve been able to eat breakfast, lunch and dinner without being totally starving in between.
  • There is SO much sugar in everything. I’ve averaged between 60-75g per day and the only really sweet thing I’ve had is raw honey (1/2 tbsp) in my oatmeal and the honey that comes in those delicious Fage Greek Yogurt cups… and even with those I’ve only used half the honey.
  • I have no idea if this is related, but for the past 2 weeks or so I had been breaking out and those blemishes are starting to fade and I haven’t had any new ones appear.

So far I’m feeling good and no, I’m not dead or dying or feeling completely deprived and depressed that I haven’t had any sweets. When I’ve craved something sweet after a meal, I grab a piece of fruit or distract myself so I can kick that habit. Week one will be over as of Monday. The weekends are tough because Blaine is a big eater, but I’m usually the one craving sugar so it should be fine.

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