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Photo Apr 24, 11 01 25 AM
I might be that girl that takes a picture after every workout to keep track.

Loving: How much I’ve been working out this week. I’m so proud of myself for getting up every morning and getting to the gym. I haven’t even had internal conflicts with myself about whether I should go or not, I just go. I’ve decided that so far it’s easier to go more often because it makes it a routine. When used to say I would go 3-4 days a week, I would always choose “today” as my day off and it made it difficult to go. Now I’m pushing for 6 days a week so I just know I need to go everyday, there’s no struggle with myself to gather motivation. Tomorrow I’m starting “Fitness Friday” where I’ll sum up my work outs for the week.

Thinking about: Cleaning. The house has been a disaster since the yard sale. Bleh. The dining table is covered in mail and papers and fabric. It’s just terrible. I’m hoping I can muster up the motivation to get a few hours of cleaning done today because I’m tired of looking at it.

Anticipating: This weekend! My mom will be home and the weather is supposed to get better. It’s supposed to be in the 70’s and I can’t wait to be outside with the chickens some more and maybe even move my seedlings into bigger pots. So far my lettuce and spaghetti squash have sprouted and are a few inches tall.

Listening to: The sound of my typing and Blurx (my kitty) grooming himself. Otherwise it’s totally silent.

Eating: Nothing right now. Blaine and I just finished salads and we split a cream cheese and jalapeno sandwich.

Wishing: To win the lottery. I guess I would have to play then, huh? I’m not one to usually just wish for a bunch of money. We are very lucky that Blaine has a job and that it’s enough to support the both of us. But we got a nice little (ok, not so little) estimate to repair our septic system and it’s going to make things tight around here for several months. I’m good at being frugal, we already live off of one income while I grow my business, this has just put us over the edge though. But we’ll be fine and bounce back shortly!

Photo Apr 25, 11 55 02 AM
Quinoa Lettuce Wraps for lunch & dinner yesterday
Photo Apr 25, 12 12 29 PM
Blaine brought these home yesterday. An old lady came by selling them and Blaine couldn’t resist.
Photo Apr 23, 11 41 10 AM
Zuchinni sticks for lunch one day this week.

I know. I talk about working out and then all the pictures I took this week are of food. Nice.

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