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Today’s ramblings

Today I started a Window Shopping Wednesday post and realized I’m not really lusting after all that much right now. I want a few things like a fabric steamer for Kintage and other boring things that wouldn’t be pretty to put photos of in a WSW post anyway.

It’s been so rainy today. The poor chickens are cooped up (haha, no pun intended) in their little storage bin of a home in the bathroom all day and can hear them complaining about it. I feel bad, but I don’t think they’d enjoy the rain much. Blaine was going to finish the coop today through the weekend, but the rain has spoiled that plan. I’m not really enjoying the rain either, but living where we do I know that the grass doesn’t stay green and beautiful for long after it starts to get hot so this rain will help keep things pretty for a while longer.

I spent my day sewing up stuff for Neelia’s Nook. One custom order and a bunch of premade goodies for little animals. Sometimes I get so insecure about that business because it’s such a niche and people already think it’s weird I have rats as pets. “Wait, you sew little beds for them?” Yes, that’s my business. I always feel so judged and at the fabric store I’ve just started saying “I make pet beds” when they ask and cross my fingers they don’t ask more questions.

I have so so much fabric from that being my main source of income and I’m kind of trying to phase it out. Taking custom orders is so time consuming and they always seem to come all at once so I spend an entire week in front of my sewing machine going nuts and after a day or two I end up wanting to do anything but sew! I love that I can help bring in money from home, but I don’t know if I can take another year of sitting in front of the sewing machine sewing fleece full time. Especially this summer, upstairs with no air conditioning. I think I’ll need to phase it out before then.

Speaking of business, Kintage has been doing well. Things have slowed down from the initial excitement from the grand opening, but it’s still going great! I have made an agreement with Blaine that once all of my credit cards are paid off in a few months, we can talk about actually opening a local shop here in Tehachapi. Of course, we’ll do research and plan carefully to make sure it’s a good investment, but having my own little boutique just sounds amazing. We have this cute little downtown section where there are shops and a bakery where you can just walk around. I’d love to open up there. Obviously having an actual retail space where I would have to be all day would be totally different than shipping orders and updating the website from home, but I think it could be so fun and such an experience!

On tonight’s agenda is American Idol in a few minutes. I’m still 100% a Phil Phillips fan. I’ve loved him and rooted for him since his audition. I think he can win for sure. Crossing my fingers it’s another good night for him. 

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