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Fitness Friday // Week 4 (On a Saturday)

Start weight: 170.5 — Current weight: 168.5 — Goal weight: 150 (for now)
This Week’s Work Out Time:  3 hours
Total Time (since 4/23): 16 hours, 45 minutes

First off – I’m kind of terrible at actually posting on Friday. Since I usually go to the gym in the late afternoon, I get home and shower and by the time I’m out Blaine is home and I get distracted and totally forget! Oh well.

It seems the only muscles of mine that get sore are my chest and shoulders. Even if I feel like I’m working out everything else equally as hard, it’s kind of weird. Also — I’m realizing the ab machine doesn’t really do much for me, I feel like it works out my legs more than my stomach so I’ve started doing this instead which I’m loving:

I’ve been doing 10 reps, twice a couple of days a week to begin with and that is a pretty good work out for now since I have absolutely no ab muscles. For cardio, I’ve been doing a lot less and have started using the Arc Trainer more often than the elliptical lately. I go on for 5 or 10 minutes at a time because it’s really tiring and for some reason, maybe I’m using it wrong, my feet always slide to the front of the pedals and squish my toes so it drives me crazy and I can’t stay on for very long. If your gym has one I definitely recommend it. If I feel like doing a long stretch of cardio, I usually get on the elliptical.

Also — I think I’m going to do these Fitness Friday posts less frequently. Maybe every other week or so unless I have an exciting update.

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