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Netflix Lately // Movies + Shows I’ve Watched

I actually ended up cancelling Netflix a couple of days ago because I signed up for Amazon Prime for the free 2 day shipping which comes with tons of free movies/TV shows. I figured I’d at least cancel it until I got bored with Amazon Prime, no point in paying for it when I can entertain myself on there for a while, right? My subscription isn’t over for about a week and a half so I plan to finish off Vampire Diaries and maybe watch a few more movies.

Daydream Nation
This movie had kind of a weird vibe, but I like Kat Dennings so I decided to watch it. Plus the main guys in it are pretty cute. I liked it for the most part even though it ended up being kind of a messed up movie.

A movie about a couple in an open relationship and all the struggles they go through. It definitely kept my attention.

Vampire Diaries 
I’m so embarrassed that I’ve been watching this, but I actually kind of like it. And I now understand why they want one of the brothers from the show to play Christian Grey from 50 Shades of Grey. But I think he’s too short.

Paranormal Activity 2
No idea why I was even compelled to watch this. When my sister and I get together we sometimes end up watching scary movies even though we both are scared around bedtime for days. The worst part with this movie is the suspense.

Do you have any Netflix Watch Instantly recommendations? What have watched lately?

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