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Unrelated, but beautifully snowy photo of the road and motel down the street. Makes me excited for winter, but I’m soaking up fall!

I’m one of those people who likes to keep everything separate because it makes me feel organized. That’s why I have 3 (yes, 3) Etsy accounts. One never gets used anymore (from when Kintage was a vintage Etsy shop), one gets used occasionally and one is used pretty frequently. It’s why exists because I felt I should keep business posts apart from my personal blog. For right now that is on the back burner, but who knows, it may fit into my life somehow in the future.

I’m good a splitting my life into a million little segments: this blog, blog design, kintage, selling random stuff on Etsy, my pet bed business, etc. I do this in a lot of other parts of my life too, I’m sure. What I’m realizing is that the more I try to stay “organized” by keeping everything in their own little box, the more I’m overwhelming myself with trying to do a million different things. Then there’s the fact that I take on too much and have too many big ideas when I should be sticking to the things I absolutely love. I’m getting there.

I have completely, officially shut down my pet custom pet bed business that I did for about two years. If I never sew fleece again I will not mind one bit. I’m done with collecting vintage for resale and am trying to find the time to sell off what I have. That’s two different directions I’m not longer pulling myself in. It is also two closets that will soon be empty. Don’t even get me started on how obsessed I am with not having anymore “stuff”. Another post for another time. Now I need to work on consolidating other parts of my life and freeing up even more time and energy. My main focuses at this point are Kintage, blog design and this blog. Still three different directions, but that’s nothing in comparison to how scattered I used to find myself.

Do you do this too? Or am I the crazy girl who thinks she can be five different people all in one life?

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