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The (too early) Christmas section at Target is amazing. I’ll be using this pic as inspiration rather than buying, though.

Watching: Right now I’m watching What Not To Wear. But right now some of my favorite shows are Big Bang Theory, Walking Dead and Revolution. I’ve also been watching Nashville regularly since it started. I’m excited to watch the new season of American Horror Story! We forgot to DVR it, but my sister has it on hers at my dads house so one of these days we’ll have to veg out on her bed and catch up.

Listening to: I’ve honestly been listening to a lot of the same old stuff. Something Corporate, Elton John, a little bit of Kesha and random stuff like that.

Planning: for the Holidays! Thanksgiving is coming up and I think we’ll end up having it at our house again. My mom’s family used to all come together and we’d go hang out with them, but it seems for the past few years everyone’s split up a bit which is a little sad. But as long as I get my Christmas Eve and/or New Years with my moms side I’m happy. I’ve also been doing a lot of planning regarding house stuff. Blaine put up the curtain rod in my office so I need to sew those and I have some other ideas for the rest of the house. We’ll see how much of that I get done.

Thinking about: Today I’ve been thinking about trying not to think about all the mean, negative comments on facebook regarding the election. I have been behind Obama 100% and it sucks to see all the people who were rooting for Romney and all of their mean comments. Nothing like an election to bring out the worst in people, huh? Even if Obama didn’t win, I’d be upset, but I doubt I’d go around posting terrible, hurtful, highly exaggerated comments along the lines of “Looks like I’m not having anymore kids” and “I bet Michelle’s happy to go on more vacations on the taxpayers dime”. Seriously. People really posted things like that. I can’t wait for the election buzz to be over so everyone can go back to being civil.

Looking forward to: Cold weather + just coziness all around. It’s been getting pretty cool and I’ve already been breaking out the boots. Florals and boots are my favorite this time of year. I need to invest in more pairs of tights so I can continue to wear my dresses.

Reading: Oh my gosh. I can’t even. So I started Veronica Roth’s “Divergent” series knowing it was a Trilogy. I got through the first book, “Divergent”, in a couple of weeks and then I excitedly read through the second book, “Insurgent” in a couple of days. Towards the end of the book I sped through it wanting to get to the next one. Then when I went to buy the next one for my nook I couldn’t find it. IT DOESN’T COME OUT UNTIL SEPTEMBER 2013! I was so upset. My sister has photos of me (only slightly) exaggerating how upset I was by snuggling my kitty and pretend crying. Ugh.

Making me happy: The election results :) But also like I said, cool weather. I’m also happy that I’m getting back into cooking dinner. I was in a rut for a couple of weeks where I didn’t want to touch the kitchen so we ate a lot of frozen food or went out. I have my meal plan, I went shopping yesterday and today I’m going to do a bunch of meal prep for several meals so that I can’t be “too busy” to cook. Chopping up veggies and cooking a large batch of quinoa will save me a lot of time.

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