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Obsessed: Ikea + My Office

Daydreams of redoing my office have been clouding my thoughts pretty frequently. Right now, it’s really just a jumbled mess of furniture, decor and madness. And not the eclectic, stylish kind of jumbled. I have a huge L shaped desk with that lovely paper that looks like “wood” on it and a lovely tape strip sized piece ripped out from when we moved and our movers used tape on it. I have a huge brown folding table as a shipping/sewing station. You know, the one you keep in your garage for when you have a party and need more a six foot long table to display food. My TV stand is a small shelf I haphazardly painted white. I could go on, but I think the picture is pretty clear.

My plan is to peruse craigslist for a month or two to see if anything catches my eye, but the white tables + book case above are my dream office. Can you believe those big, beautiful, simple white tables are just $60? Had I seen those before I might have bought that for our dining room rather than our too expensive dining table that I still love dearly, but just doesn’t look quite right against the color of our floors.

One table would take on the role as my desk, the other as my multipurpose sewing/shipping/project table. The Expedit shelf would go on it’s side next to my desk to help me organize. I’ve learned that I don’t do well with desks that have drawers. Drawer contents are hidden so I tend to toss and close the drawer, hiding it so I can’t see the mess. If I can see everything, that’s a different story and I will organize because seeing everything organized makes me giddy. Luckily the holidays combined with work are keeping me busy or I’d be running down to Ikea tomorrow.

Some of my favorite office spaces right now:

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