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2013 Goal Update // 52 Recipes

homemade-tomato-soupAt the beginning of 2013 (I guess we’re still kind of at the beginning, though) I made a few goals for myself. One of my goals was to try 52 new recipes in 2013. I’ve been loving all the new recipes we’ve tried so far and wanted to give a little update on how we’re doing. I’ve even got Blaine in the kitchen cooking a few times a month! He recently did Quinoa Stuffed Peppers and Chili & Cornbread.

This is what we’ve tried so far this year

  1. Crock Pot Lasagna (I’ll be sharing this recipe soon!)
  2. Quinoa Black Bean Burgers
  3. Tofu & Eggplant Stirfry
  4. Tomato Soup
  5. Veggie Biscuits & Gravy (I’ll be sharing this recipe, too!)



I definitely have a ton more that I want to try and I’m actually about to sit down and plan our meals for the next week. To be honest, I was in a rut at the end of last year when it came to cooking. We had so many left overs and I just didn’t feel like being in the kitchen. But trying all of these new recipes has been fun and delicious. My husband is definitely not complaining!

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