What I Wore // Striped Skirts + V-Neck Shirts

what i wore // striped skirts & vneck shirtsToday I discovered that shade does not exist in my back yard. Front yard? Shady all day, every day. But living on a main street with cars passing every few seconds scares me away from setting up my tripod to take a few outfit photos in the front yard.

Another thing I discovered is that I need to buy more shoes/sandals. I literally wear toms or these tory burch sandals everyday. Every. Day. It’s too hot for boots and all my other sandals are so old, but so comfy, so I refuse to get rid of them and just wear them around the house and yard. Let me tell you, a lot of girls love shoe shopping because it’s less frustrating that clothes shopping (avoid the “ugh, I look fat” problem). Except when you have flat feet. Flat feet take all the fun out of shoe shopping! Maybe that’s why my shoe collection is pathetic in comparison to most females.

what i wore // striped skirts & vneck shirts

After purging my closet over the last few weeks, I’m down to hardly anything. In comparison to what I did have, at least. Now I’m actually motivated to get out of my yoga pants and into some real outfits since I’m not overwhelmed by clothes I don’t touch. I’m also more motivated to shop in the Kintage stock room because I have a ton of closet space. Somebody save me.

8 Comments on “What I Wore // Striped Skirts + V-Neck Shirts

  1. It must be so fun to own your own clothing company! Umm…not to get off topic but the picture of you and the baby zebra just popped up on your instagram feed! So cute!

  2. Oh no–that’s to bad that your feet limit your shoe collection–I’d always rather get shoes than clothes! But I do tend to have fewer summer-appropriate shoes…

    1. It’s so sad!! I guess I’ll just never be one of those shoe obsessed girls. There’s still purses, right? ;)

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