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a letter to fall

our house at halloweenIt’s kind of weird for me when fall shows up on time. Growing up in southern California, I’ve become accustomed to two seasons, the long and hot and the short and just slightly chilly. What’s even better about fall is, as soon as it starts creeping up everyone starts going pumpkin crazy. And then everyone else goes anti-pumpkin to offset the pumpkin craziness because they don’t want to be part of that stereotype. Me? Give me all the pumpkin smelling, tasting, looking things. I’m actually not insane about pumpkin, but I like it just fine. I haven’t had a pumpkin spice latte from Starbucks yet. Blasphemy, right? I only visit maybe once or twice a month and usually leaved with an iced green or passion tea. Maybe now that it’s actually getting chilly, I’ll give in.

A few days ago I whipped out my pumpkin and apple cider candles from last year and have been burning them in the kitchen each evening. Something about the cool weather draws me to the kitchen, leaving me wanting to spend more time in there cooking and baking. Today was cold. So cold. I don’t think it got warmer than 60 all day. Fall, I love you, but a gradual progression towards cooler weather would be nice. I was in shorts and a tank top ┬álast week and today I’m bundled up head to toe.

Another thing about fall? It means next year is coming. I’m still determined to have tried 52 recipes this year, so tomorrow I’ll share a few I plan on trying this season. I’ve made a goal that by the end of this year I want to learn to make delicious, creamy soup. Crossing my fingers I can manage that because our house is an icebox from November through March and soup would be amazing.

Fall, I welcome you, but please let the last few days of cold weather be a fluke and cool us down slowly over the next few weeks instead. I’d like to try and keep my tomato plant alive for a little longer and we just planted some fruit trees out back a few weeks ago that I’d like to get more established before they have to deal with too much cold. Plus, I just made a big batch of iced coffee concentrate. Just saying.


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