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Pismo Beach Trip // Part 1

While my sister, Lauren, and her husband were in town we took a mini family trip to Pismo Beach. It’s funny how often we end up there off-season and we almost never go during the summer. We drove up on a Thursday and met my mom there who drove up from Los Angeles. We stayed at this little motel by the beach that we stay at almost every time unless we rent a condo or house instead. You can get a room with a little kitchenette which we like so we can have a fridge and have food in the room with us.

Of course we visited Splash Cafe and had their famous clam chowder. Since it was around Valentine’s Day the bread bowls were shaped into hearts! How amazing is that? We spent some time on the pier and we spent our nights at the billiard hall playing pool. What I learned from that is we’re all terrible at pool (except Blaine) and my dad is really competitive. On Friday we went to Hearst Castle and then Blaine drove up that night to join us. Next week I’ll share the rest of our trip with photos of Hearst Castle and our visit to the elephant seals. I love these little family trips of ours!

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